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2014-12-18 16:00:28 by mattuiop

It's been over a year since I finished a song...this is a new one I just finished!

Check 'em out! :D


2014-04-28 21:03:23 by mattuiop

Hey everyone. Long time since I last posted. But I have some stuff comming up in the near future.

My new music alias is now "Cyan" to avoid any confusion. 

Have a taste

Here is a sneak preview of a few UNFINISHED tracks I've been working on this year.
Track listing includes:
Cultface (maybe Vocal Request)
Planetpunk (maybe Vocal Request)
Genocide (Vocal Request)
Join Forces (name maybe changed) (Vocal Request)
Afterparty Love (Vocal Request)
Iron Mantis (name maybe changed)
Playing With Fire
Inclusive State (name maybe changed)

Those with "(Vocal Request)" (plus a few other songs in the works) are in need of a vocalist.

If you have experience in recording song vocals and/or have enjoyed this mix, please do not hesitate to message me (via newgrounds or soundcloud) if you are interested in doing vocal work for one or more of my tracks. :)

I hope to bring out an EP entitled "Cyan EP" in the near future featuring some of these tracks. I want to release it (for FREE) once I get a good body of FINISHED tracks that I'm happy with.

Hope you enjoy! :)

Check this demo reel out on Soundcloud 


Happy Uncertainty UPLOADED!

2013-04-21 17:23:25 by mattuiop

House tune I made with Jabun, featuring him on vocals. It's been a really fun project and this guy is really talented, check him out!

Sorry to anyone else who wanted to do it. I'll inform you lot on any new info on upcoming songs in the future! :D

Anyway, have a listen here (or on soundcloud) and let me know what you think! :D

Need Vocals for Upcoming Track!

2013-03-02 16:28:10 by mattuiop

Do you have a good voice and would like to do vocals for a 135bmp Electro house tune?
Then this as the perfect collaboration for you!
Male and Female singers are both free to do it!
Reply if you want an invite to be a project page manager! Submit THE VOCAL TRACK ONLY (accept mp3 or wav)
OR email me at
I will choose the best vocal track fit for the job once I get a few submissions in!
Project link (If it works).
Good luck! :D

Need Vocals for Upcoming Track!

New Audio!

2012-12-28 08:42:57 by mattuiop

Hey everyone! It's been a while now. Have some music and more in the future!

Don't forget to vote and review! :D

Ps: Soundcloud link here!

Wooh new Layout!

2012-02-08 12:51:24 by mattuiop

When I first saw it, IT GIVES ME EPILEPSY! Its gonna take probebly more time to get used to than the last layout change back in 2007!
However, you may need to fix the user settings system before people get a little mad!
This place has good and colourful potential! :)

You have done well Newgrounds! :3

Wooh new Layout!


2011-12-28 12:32:42 by mattuiop

Hey Everyone!
I finally uploaded an animation I did back in March on to Newgrounds!
Watch It here and Vote 5!
Or on YouTube for 9000x better quality!
This was a school project I did a few months back that is meant to be based on dreams. This animation is meant to capture 60% of my dreams I have had in the past and put it into a constructed fiction. (I got an A* :3)
After submitting it on YouTube back in March, I finally compressed this video in order to play on Newgrounds without loosing tonnes of the quality.
(Srsly NG, up the limit for experienced users to 20mb)
This is probably my last stop-motion animation I'll ever do unless I get the time, proper equipment and enthusiasm to do another one.
I hope you enjoy this animation! :)


New Tunage!

2011-10-28 15:07:07 by mattuiop

Listen to it here!
Or listen to it on Soundcloud!
A little something that picked up on over the summer! It's sort of like a happy house tune using new mastering techniques such as EQ.

I have had a few problems uploading it due to the fact that when it plays on the ng audio player, it is very bitty and cuts off at the beginning (same with some of my other tunes). If you download the tune however there are no cuts or distorted audio. So please don't down rate this tune if you hear these pops and cracks.
Hope you enjoy it anyway! :P

PS: Special thanks to Piggler for making this fanart! :3

New Tunage!

New Gaming Channel!

2011-08-22 08:04:59 by mattuiop

Hey Guys! long time no see! I've just set up a new gaming channel with my friends and I highly suggest to subscribe to them if you like games such as Halo: Reach, Minecraft, TF2, GarrysMod, LOTR, Total War, Command & Conquer, Cod, WoW or Portal 2!
[Subscribe to ToxicPotatoGaming for more gaming videos coming up soon!]

Some more music will be on the way later this year!
And as you are still here, why don't you watch this gay video below. :)

Cya! :P

PS: Thanks for the fan art Sirkillington! :D

New Gaming Channel!

New 8-Bit tune up on Newgrounds!

2011-05-20 13:52:29 by mattuiop

My second 8-bit tune!
I decided to make an 8-bit remix of one of my old tunes "I Want Freedom".
Now that I have the experience of making music, I remixed this tune to how I originally wanted it!
Hope you guys enjoy it because I put in a lot of time and effort mastering it! :D