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Mattuiop: Scraps of 2007 Mattuiop: Scraps of 2007 Rated Stars Mattuiop: Scraps of 2007 S1E15-The Hulk S1E15-The Hulk Rated Stars Nerd gets irritated with some bullies, turns into hulk, kills them. S1E13-Prof. Manure's Call S1E13-Prof. Manure's Call Rated Stars Proffessor Manure has a long call with his friend that wants to commit suicide! Tankman try (unfinished) Tankman try (unfinished) Rated Stars I tryed to make a tankmen episode but it isn't finish! S1E12-Timmy's Legend S1E12-Timmy's Legend Rated Stars Timmy,Frank,Fred,Bob and Camron get super powers, but they have to keep it secret! Draw distance! Draw distance! Rated Stars A bit like linerider! CRAP CLAY! CRAP CLAY! Rated Stars SOME OLD CRAP! S1E11-The Brainy Tadpole S1E11-The Brainy Tadpole Rated Stars The Brainy Tadpole and his gang invade Plastic Problem World! S1E10-The Internet S1E10-The Internet Rated Stars The Plastic Problem people make a video about the internet world and the real world. S1E09-Bar Fight S1E09-Bar Fight Rated Stars See Title S1E08-Fight Till Death S1E08-Fight Till Death Rated Stars A deathmatch with Sid vs. Brain! YEH! S1E07-The Editor S1E07-The Editor Rated Stars A man called The Editor has a controller that edits anyone in his way. Can John stop him? S1E06-An out of date Xmas S1E06-An out of date Xmas Rated Stars Plastic Problems world misses christmas, so they celebrate their own! Paperclip! Paperclip! Rated Stars A hypnotising paperclip is on my table! S1E04-PP Haloween S1E04-PP Haloween Rated Stars Some clay guys go trick or treating! Clay! Clay! Rated Stars Clay is all I can say! S1E03-Proffessor Manure S1E03-Proffessor Manure Rated Stars Proffessor Manaur makes an invention but every thing horroriblly goes horroriblly wrong... S1E02-Tree Terror S1E02-Tree Terror Rated Stars Oh No... Its a killer tree! S1E01-The Bar S1E01-The Bar Rated Stars A man walks into a bar... ouch! We Control We Control Rated Stars Can we control? ITS THE TOGGY CLUB! ITS THE TOGGY CLUB! Rated Stars A clay guy wants to join the Toggy club but well they axept him?