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2014-04-28 21:03:23 by mattuiop

Hey everyone. Long time since I last posted. But I have some stuff comming up in the near future.

My new music alias is now "Cyan" to avoid any confusion. 

Have a taste

Here is a sneak preview of a few UNFINISHED tracks I've been working on this year.
Track listing includes:
Cultface (maybe Vocal Request)
Planetpunk (maybe Vocal Request)
Genocide (Vocal Request)
Join Forces (name maybe changed) (Vocal Request)
Afterparty Love (Vocal Request)
Iron Mantis (name maybe changed)
Playing With Fire
Inclusive State (name maybe changed)

Those with "(Vocal Request)" (plus a few other songs in the works) are in need of a vocalist.

If you have experience in recording song vocals and/or have enjoyed this mix, please do not hesitate to message me (via newgrounds or soundcloud) if you are interested in doing vocal work for one or more of my tracks. :)

I hope to bring out an EP entitled "Cyan EP" in the near future featuring some of these tracks. I want to release it (for FREE) once I get a good body of FINISHED tracks that I'm happy with.

Hope you enjoy! :)

Check this demo reel out on Soundcloud 



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2014-07-08 13:07:57

more clay monstas!

-sean xx

mattuiop responds:

nah can do m8, amazed you're still here!
-luv ya bruv