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New Audio!

2012-12-28 08:42:57 by mattuiop

Hey everyone! It's been a while now. Have some music and more in the future!

Don't forget to vote and review! :D

Ps: Soundcloud link here!


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2013-02-03 21:03:59

u been making monster movies since you were 12 or something
STOP WASTING YOUR TALENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!u

mattuiop responds:

I stopped making videos for a while now. It's been way over a year ago since I made my last video and that was a one of dream based project. For the time being, Making music, gaming and designing is what I personally enjoy. I may get back into animation if I do a university course of VG animation.


2013-02-15 00:31:49

Well g luck getting in anywhere, when I applied for Uni I had years worth of portfolio stuff. Didn't continue it, but the good ones demand interviews and science A levels ect.

mattuiop responds:

lol nice :P. good luck anyway!